Selection Procedures

Selection Procedures


We assemble related candidates select the excellent one through interview. We have fully equipped AC rooms and other facilities- Computers, telephone, internet and all that an interviewer might need. 

Trade Test for Skilled Workers
Then comes trade test. We form a selections committee before making a final decision for appointment; the selection committee includes representatives from different departments in the company and from our New Pathibhara Placement Services (P.) Ltd. The selection committee carries out skill tests of all skilled manpower in the concerned discipline. Only those persons recommended by the selection committee are selected for overseas employment. 

Medical Check-up
Candidates have to go through different processes after final selection. This is aimed at selection competent, disciplined and healthy manpower desired by an employer. Medical check-up too is one important process. We recommend all short-listed candidates for medical examinations in the government - approved hospitals or labs. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign in an agreement or contract paper. We personally ask selected candidates to know whether anyone is suffering from epileptic fit, which cannot be tested medically. If one id found suffering from the fit, we do not qualify such person. 

Visa Endorsement
The visa endorsement process differs country to country.
We dispatch all the documents relating the workers to the company to decide its employee first. After the employing company confirms and sends the visa confirmation and copy/original visa, only them we apply in the concerned embassy or consular office for visa endorsement. Other processes move ahead after the visa is endorsed by the Embassy. 

We provide basic orientation to the selected workers before travelling to their work place. During this orientation the workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first hand information on work environment and the salient features of labor laws of the country of employment are provided. 

Travel Arrangement
The travel arrangement is the final procedure. After signing of the contract with the employee, we make travel arrangements. This also includes handling over the entire documents original passport, air ticket and governments approval letter to the employee before departure. We train them on all the traveling procedures until they reach their destinations. One is recommended to collect his visa from the visa counter in the concerned airport and to contact immigration authority for visa endorsement if his visa is not endorsed before departure.

Applicant Confidence

  • Talent assures the applicants that a prospective employer is aware before making a commitment of all living and working conditions
  • It encourages questions from the applicants.
  • It aks as much information as practicable so that it may effectively evaluate the suitablity for employment under conditions that exist in overseas assignments.
  • The company helps applicants to gear the candidate confidence by providing clinical services and suggestions to them regarding skill, attitude, aptitude etc.

Trainging & Instruction programme

  • With an objective to facilitate the Nepalese people for the selection of candidate.
  • The company provides the Short-term Training Couses to the interested people who are willing to work selling his/her labor outside the country according to companys calendar of operation.
  • The company has built the training and instructional programme courses aiming to gear-up the candidates both psychologically and by building the skill ability.

Specific Procedure to recruit the Manpower
The company has such specific features with scientific measures as its own assets:

  • Development of instrumentation for candidates evaluation and short-listing etc by applying appropriate evaluation method.
  • Pre-selection, technical evaluation assisting client/candidate to face the interview regarding skill, semi-skill and concerning labor areas.
  • Evaluation of candidates by concerned experts.

Facilitation for selection and recruitment of the candidates/applicants to the clients